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SpectraLink PIVOT 87-Series

SpectraLink PIVOT 87-Series

Spectralink's PIVOT 87-Series was designed to help users work smarter, not harder. Durable and easy-to-use, the PIVOT 87-Series is based on the Android platform and provides easy access to applications and resources like Google Mobile Services. Featuring a large, backlit color display, a touchscreen with full keyboard, and enterprise-grade speakerphone and superior resistance to dust and liquids, including cleaning agents.
Starting at: MSRP: $3,339.00 Price: $375.46
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  • Enables mobile workers throughout the workplace to be reached immediately and reliably via voice calls, radio broadcasts, texts or other alerts
  • Improves workflow through application integration (e.g., GoogleTM Mobile Services, AndroidTM and XML applications)
  • Easy-to-use, instantly-familiar smartphone interaction
  • Protects your investment with unrivaled durability, longevity and support
  • Offers enterprise-level, security, administration, and deployment capabilities
  • Extends the reach of your existing business applications, WLAN infrastructure and telephone system
  • Messaging support via partner integration
  • Remote, over-the-air configuration management of administrative settings and system upgrades
  • Resistant to dust, shock and liquid damage
  • HD voice and integrated full duplex speakerphone
  • Personal directory, redial and speed-dial lists
  • Multilingual user interface (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian)
  • Exchange server integration for calendar, contacts and e-mail
  • Touch screen display with automatic screen orientation
  • Easily removable and hot-swap capable battery-pack with extended battery life
  • USB, quad and multi charging options
  • Push-to-Talk (PTT) mode with 25 channels including one priority override channel
  • Text-to-speech support
  • Personal safety features, including dedicated panic button and "man down" capability
  • Call server failover
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  1. PBK87440 - SpectraLink PIVOT 87-Series

    PIVOT 87-Series, PIVOT:SC 8744, Black, North America.
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  2. PBL87440 - SpectraLink PIVOT 87-Series

    PIVOT 87-Series, PIVOT:SC 8744, Blue, North America
    MSRP: $439.00 Price: $375.46
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