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Supply Insight RFID Software

Supply Insight, founded in 2004, is a pioneer of Auto-ID middleware with rPlatform, certified as EPCglobalALE-standard compliant in 2006. Today, Supply Insight's rPlatform and rAgent collect, filter, store, alert and integrate Auto-ID data with various enterprise software systems and extend Auto-ID capabilities to a limitless market segment. Supply Insight is a standards-based company that continues to contribute to standards development committees within the EPCglobalcommunity. Supply Insight is headquartered in Newington, Connecticut, and serves clients globally.

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  1. Supply Insight Turnkey Total Tracking Inventory Software
    Part #: TTT-Full | SKU: SUP519232

    Turnkey Total Tracking, A complete installed Asset and Inventory Mgmt RFID solution with 200 premium on-metal RFID tags and 500 standard RFID tags + one (1) Combo RFID/Barcode reader + one (1) iOS app standalone annual subscription, downloaded from Apple''s App Store + one (1) iPod Touch + one (1) annual portal subscription + 1000 Items import + 4 hrs. training + documentation + two (2) Brady Censys readers.
    MSRP: $4,999.00 Price: $4,216.80
  2. Supply Insight rInsight Portal Inventory Software
    Part #: RIP-Censys | SKU: SUP519237

    rInsight Portal, Brady Censys portal service, annual
    Call For Price
  3. Supply Insight Parts General Software
    Part #: RIE-B | SKU: SUP501849

    An annual subscription that includes 2 fixed connections, 2 RIM licenses and a RIP license accommodating up to 20K asset or bulk master items under data management
  4. Supply Insight Service Contract
    Part #: rif-cen | SKU: SUP513876

    rInsightTM Fixed is the extension of rInsight Mobile and Portal products to fixed RFID readers and theft-deterrence. Comes with one additional antenna. With these additional features, a business or organization of any size instantly has the most powerful and affordable enterprise tracking and asset risk reduction solution available anywhere.
  5. Supply Insight rInsight RFID Software
    Part #: RIS2F10 | SKU: SUP226803

    rInsight, 2.6.x (Limit 10 Fixed Readers, Unlimited Users) (Includes rPlatform 3.5.x Standard)
  6. Supply Insight rAgent Mobile RFID Software
    Part #: RAME31 | SKU: SUP226804

    rAgent, Mobile Enterprise 3.0.x (Per Mobile Device) (Includes RAS 3.0.x Single Server License)
  7. Supply Insight rPlatform RFID Software
    Part #: RP3STE | SKU: SUP228620

    rPlatform, rPlaform 3.5.x Standard Edition Middleware (Limit 1 Server)
  8. Supply Insight rPlatform RFID Software
    Part #: RP3EE | SKU: SUP228621

    rPlatform, 3.5.x Enterprise Edition Middleware (Limit 5 Servers)
  9. Supply Insight rPlatform RFID Software
    Part #: RP3LEE | SKU: SUP228622

    rPlatform, 3.5.x Large Enterprise Edition Middleware (Limit 10 Servers)
  10. Supply Insight rPlatform RFID Software
    Part #: ADPT3 | SKU: SUP228623

    rPlatform, 3.5 Single Instance of Adapter Fixed Reader Module (Per Reader)

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