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U Grok It Grokker RFID Reader

U Grok It Grokker RFID Reader

U Grok It breaks this barrier with smartphone RFID that's sleek, attractive and economical. U Grok It works with smartphones and tablets that are already in your people's hands. Don"t be content to keep RFID in the warehouse - now you can locate items on the sales floor, reduce loss and enhance the customer experience in the way that only RFID can do. And Small and Medium businesses now can take advantage of RFID with easy to use and affordable solutions.
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  • UHF Class 1 Gen2 Decoding
  • 6-10" general use read range
  • Uniquely identify and track
  • Respond to physical objects with specific content
  • Track attributes for tagged items
  • Quickly locate specific items
  • Efficiently inventory groups of items
  • Expand RFID deployments and build new mobile RFID apps
  • iOS and Android phones & tablets, Windows 8 tablets compatible
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  1. U Grok It Grokker RFID Reader
    Part #: GR-15-915 | SKU: U G385171

    Portable UHF RFID Reader, UHF Class 1 Gen 2, Audio Port Interface. Compatible with iOS and Android phones & tablets, and Windows 8 tablets. Non-Cancelable/Non Returnable
    Price: $590.28

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