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Unitech Keyboard

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  1. Unitech K2714 Keyboard
    Part #: | SKU: UNImodel-3490

    The Unitech K2714 POS keyboard is the data entry solution for Point of Sale, kiosks, banking, and financial applications. The K2714 features 21 relegendable keys that support adding color, icons, and text, and a rugged, space-saving design ideal for a wide range of environments. It incorporates a built-in, dual-track Magnetic Stripe Reader, 104 keys including Windows Start and Properties keys. Its spill resistant construction guarantees an extended life cycle.
  2. Unitech K2724 Keyboard
    Part #: | SKU: UNImodel-3491

    The K2724 POS keyboard features a dual track Magnetic Stripe Reader and built-in bar code scanner port, providing a space-saving, one-piece solution suitable for point of sale, banking, and other commerce applications. It provides basic customization through 21 relegendable keys. Rugged construction and a spill resistant design guarantee an extended life cycle.
  3. Unitech Accessory
    Part #: | SKU: UNImodel-3504

    Products and parts from Unitech.
  4. Unitech K595 Keyboard
    Part #: | SKU: UNImodel-17129

    Unitech's mini keyboard puts 88 keys and functions at your fingertips in a compact and convenient package. The K595 mini keyboard offers a slim design and full functionality, with large keys and clear visible numbers and functions""ideal for environments where space saving is a must.

4 Item(s)

per page