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Wacom Signature Tablets and Pads

Wacom is the global leader in the pen display and tablet market for creative users. As a technology company, Wacom provides cutting-edge digital ink solutions for a wide range of partners using and producing smartphones, tablets and digital stationery.

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  1. Wacom DTH-1152 Pen Display Signature Pad
    Part #: | SKU: model-19813

    The DTH-1152 provides both pen and touch input in a compact pen display for convenience when reviewing, annotating and applying electronic signatures to digital documents. Users can write, draw, annotate, and sign electronic documents directly on screen. The 10.1? Full HD LCD screen has a hardened surface that provides outstanding durability and a paper-like feel. The built-in HDMI video interface also enables the DTH-1152 to be integrated seamlessly into VDI/RDS and Linux systems.
  2. Wacom DTK-2451 / DTH-2452 Pen Display Signature Pad
    Part #: | SKU: model-19815

    Featuring 24-inch, full HD displays, the DTK-2451 and DTH-2452 are Wacom?s largest pen displays for businesses and educational institutions. The generous active area provides a comfortable work surface for writing and signing digital documents or annotating directly on presentations. Industry-leading digital pen performance allows users to add drawings, sketches and diagrams to presentations or lesson plans to elaborate on key concepts and spontaneously integrate new ideas into the discussion. And with 2,048 levels of pen pressure, users can enjoy precise drawing, writing, and annotating, plus enhanced biometric signature capture. The DTH-2452?s multi-touch screen also supports touch gestures and navigation.
  3. Wacom DTK-1660E Pen Display Signature Pad
    Part #: | SKU: model-19817

    Featuring a 15.6" Full HD resolution LCD display, the Wacom DTK-1660E Pen Display is a premium pen display that enables exceptionally comfortable viewing and signing of full-sized documents in portrait or landscape mode. Its outstanding design combines a modern, slim look with state-of-the-art encryption, biometric signature capture, and 8,000 levels of pressure sensitivity for the most familiar signing and writing experience. These attributes make the Wacom DTK-1660E ideal for a variety of use cases across financial services, education, healthcare, hospitality, telecoms and POS retail environments.
  4. Wacom DTU-1031AX Pen Display Signature Pad
    Part #: | SKU: model-19819

    The DTU-1031AX Pen Display is Wacom's most economical device for viewing, annotating and signing full size documents electronically. It's ideal for organizations that need a compact device to let customers read and sign documents on screen. The DTU 1031AX is easy to integrate into kiosk or POS environments with minimal effort and clutter. It's also comfortable and intuitive for people to use in hand, or lying flat on a counter. In addition, when not in document mode, the DTU-1031AX can display slideshows or advertising videos. This helps organizations run promotions and up-sell with minimum effort and cost.
  5. Wacom DTU-1141B Pen Display Signature Pad
    Part #: | SKU: model-19821

    The DTU-1141B provides an ideal document viewing and signing experience with its 10.1-inch, full HD resolution screen, minimal footprint and thin profile. It operates as an external monitor, but utilizes Wacom?s patented pen technology to provide input for writing and signing. It is perfect for business applications that benefit from people working directly on screen with a pen, such as presenting forms for customers to review, sign electronically, or mark up and annotate documents. While not in use for signing, it can display slideshows or advertising videos.
  6. Wacom STU-540 Signature Pad Signature Pad
    Part #: | SKU: model-19825

    The STU-540 signature pad is ideal for high-traffic environments where in-person handwritten electronic signatures are required to confirm transactions, such as at bank teller desks, hotel check-ins, shop purchases or clinic registrations. The 5-inch high resolution color LCD screen with hardened glass provides an attractive point of sale signing area with a paper-like feel and superb durability. When not in signature mode, it can also be used for displaying advertising, promotions or branding. A broad range of connectivity options ensure maximum deployment flexibility, including multiple alternatives for virtualized desktop environments. Transaction security is supported with advanced encryption built-in.
  7. Wacom Tablet
    Part #: DTU1141B | SKU: WAC609696

    Wacom DTU-1141B Signature Tablet with Cordless, Battery-Free Pen, 10.1" Color High-Definition LCD Display, 1920 x 1080 Resolution, VESA Mounting Holes
    MSRP: $689.00 Price: $675.32

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