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Xplore M60 Hand Held Computer Part # 200904

The rugged Xplore M60 is an excellent 6" handheld solution for those who must use a variety of voice, email and app-based communications channels to stay in touch with colleagues and customers in real time. The high-performing Android mobile device is great for users who need fast data access while on the move.

200904 - Xplore M60

Part Details: M60, Rugged Handheld, M60, 6 FHD, Qualcomm 8953, Android 8.0, 32 GB SSD, 4 GB, WLAN 802.11ac, Front/Rear Camera, Barcode Reader, IP68, 1 Year standard Warranty.
Price: $1,199.00
In Stock

Additional Information

Manufacturer Xplore
Model Name M60
Product Condition New