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ZBA K6000 Scanner

ZBA K6000 Scanner

The ZBA K6000 bar code reader is a durable, market tested combination wand/decoder. With many years of field data, the K6000 has proved to be an extremely cost effective solution for low volume barcode scanning applications. Designed for the most cost conscious applications, a simple swipe of the wand across the barcode label and data is transmitted to your application. The K6000 comes with either a USB cable, or a Keyboard PS2 cable or an RS232 Serial Port cable. The USB version plugs and plays into a PC or laptop via the USB (HID) ports and will emulate the operation of the USB keyboard. The Keyboard Wedge / PS2 version plugs and plays into a PC via Keyboard ports. When the wand is not in use the keyboard will operate normally. The RS232 version of the K6000 connects via the DB9 Female connector and requires power from an external AC-DC wall adapter
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  1. K6000USB - ZBA K6000 Bar code Scanner

    K6000, Wand/Decoder with USB interface
    MSRP: $170.00 Price: $74.48
    In Stock - Ships Free
  2. K6000PS2 - ZBA K6000 Bar code Scanner

    K6000, PSD-120, Mini K/B Wand Reader, PC AT/XT/PS Interface.
    MSRP: $145.00 Price: $62.32
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  3. K600009R - ZBA K6000 Bar code Scanner

    K6000, Wand Reader, RS-232 Serial Interface

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