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Zebex Scanner, Badge Reader & Hand Held Computer

Zebex continues to expand our offerings and offer our customers the best in emerging technologies. The leadership position we have established and maintained by building innovative data capture products and tech support with first class customer service will continue.

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  1. Zebex Z-8150 Barcode Scanner
    Part #: | SKU: ZEBmodel-3878

    The Zebex Z-8150 is the most cost-effective CCD scanner on the market! The Z-8150 has a high-visibility aiming line and can read bar codes from up to 30 cm away. The Z-8150 also features multiple interface options, including USB, RS-232, PS/2 and Keyboard wedge, plus it can function in handheld mode and in a hands-free mode with the use of a stand. Other features include an LED to indicate a successful read, plus a tone-programmable beep. The Zebex Z-8150 has a 5 year warranty.
  2. Zebex Z-2121 Accessories
    Part #: 191-908304-200 | SKU: ZEB168732

    Z-2121 Accessories, Lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack, 3.6V, 830mAH
  3. Zebex Z-2121 Mobile Computer
    Part #: Z-2121U | SKU: ZEB301121

    USB Cradle Kit. Portable Laser Scanner. Includes USB cradle and cable.
  4. Zebex Alpha-70 Barcode Scanner
    Part #: 93086-USB | SKU: ZEB7997

    Alpha-70, Long range CCD USB kit: Scanner & USB cables.
  5. Zebex Z-7010 Data Terminal
    Part #: 887-1200R9-101 | SKU: ZEB168698

    Z-7010, Z-7012 Windows CE .NET Fixed Computer with Yellow Top Housing, TFT 5.7"VGA, RAM: 128MB, support Ethernet (PoE) Function with: SE-4500 2D Image Reader, 2G SD Memory Card 1, Standard Wall Mount Kit 1, RS-232 Cable 1, AC Adapter 1
  6. Zebex Z-1170 Accessories
    Part #: 862-203000-K01 | SKU: ZEB170320

    Z-1170 Accessories, AAA, Ni-MH, 900mAH Rechargeable battery, With a detect shield on shell x1 Z-1170 standard package included 3 batteries, the part number and unit price here is for 1 battery only.
  7. Zebex Z-1160 Accessories
    Part #: 170-01U030-080 | SKU: ZEB171888

    Z-1160 Accessories, Standard USB Cable for Z-1160
  8. Zebex ZB-600 Barcode Badge Card Reader
    Part #: 90723 | SKU: ZEB8001

    ZB-600, Keyboard wedge slot reader. Includes PS/2 cables.
  9. Zebex Z-2170 Handheld Mobile Computer
    Part #: 882-71WL00-101 | SKU: ZEB168709

    Z-2170, Windows CE .NET Handheld Computer, TFT 2.4"QVGA, F-ROM: 2G, RAM: 256MB, with: 2200 mAh Lithium-ion Battery, 1D Laser (SE-955), Class 2 Bluetooth, Summit Wi-Fi module (802.11b/g), USB Cable 1, Adapter 1
  10. Zebex Z-2121 Handheld Mobile Computer
    Part #: 882-2100R9-101 | SKU: ZEB168722

    Z-2121, Portable Laser Data Collector, 32-bit CPU, 2MB RAM, with RS-232 Cable (1), AC adapter (1)

1 to 10 of 14 Total

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